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Museo Correr

This is housed in the magnificent Napoleonic Wing of the Procuratie Nuove set of buildings in St. Mark’s Square. It contains works of art illustrating the life and culture of the Venetian Republic over the years. Tends to be less busy than other attractions in St. Mark’s Square and has a nice café and is well worth a visit.

The museum was inaugurated in 1830 with the bequeathing by a wealthy Venetian collector, Teodore Correr, of his entire private collection of Venetian art together with the family palazzo, the Palazzo Correr.  The museum moved in 1922 from the Palazzo Correr to its current location in St. Mark’s Square.

The Museums of St. Mark’s Square Pass (€13) covers the Doge’s Palace, Correr Museum and one other civic museum from the participating scheme, details here.  The Correr Museum also includes a visit to the Monumental Rooms of the Marciana Library museum and to the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, which are all really part of the Correr Museum now.

Monumental Rooms of the Biblioteca Marciana

Housed in the same suite of buildings as the Correr Museum and effectively now part of it.  The Marciana Library itself contains over a million books and ancient Byzantine and Venetian manuscripts and the Monumental Rooms of it certainly live up to their description.

Museo Archaelogico Nazionale

Like the above, this museum is now effectively part of the Correr Museum.  It was established in 1523 by Cardinal Grimani and has an extensive collection of Greek and Roman sculptures, ceramics, coins, stones and other relics some dating back to the first century BC.



Daily 10am to 5pm (7pm in summer).

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