Spritz & Cichetti

What is a spritz ?

General point: as pre lunch, afternoon or early evening pick me up.  A spritz is a very refreshing and light drink made made using prosecco, some Aperol (like Campari), and a splash of sparkling water or soda water.  It is normally served in a wine glass with a slice of orange which accentuates the orangey notes of the Aperol. It is low in alcohol.

What are cicchetti ?

These are, in concept, not unlike tapas in Spain ie. light bites to accompany your drink.  The Venetians have made them a speciality and they are often just the thing when you are sightseeing around Venice and don’t want to spend the time or money on a full restaurant meal. Or indeed, it is the wrong time of the day to do this.

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You can also get savoury snacks and spritz and cicchetti in pasticceria, so check this section out too.