Dorsoduro Churches

One of my favourite things to do in Venice is discovering and visiting the churches.  What can look quite plain on the outside can often reveal an incredible interior.  I have included a photo gallery below to whet the appetite.

The Chorus Scheme of Churches is an initiative whereby you can visit the 18 churches in the participating scheme.  You can buy your pass at any of the churches.  Participating churches will have a sign outside indicating their participation.  It costs €12 for a pass which is incredibly good value and the money goes towards the upkeep of the churches.  These are all open to the public, normally daily.

In Dorsoduro, participating churches are the Gesuati (Santa Maria del Rosario) and San Sebastiano.  The latter has incredible paintings by Paolo Veronese and is well worth a visit.

Given its proximity to St. Mark’s Square, there is every chance you will have the opportunity to visit the Salute Church.  The interior is a huge octagonal space and has an amazing tiled floor. There is no charge, but you can make a donation.  Opening times are normally between 9am and noon and between 3pm and 5pm.

From time to time, classical concerts are held in churches – so keep an eye out for notifications for these.