Caffè del Doge

Located within a stone’s throw of the busy Rialto Market, this café serves high quality artisan coffee. They use coffee produced from Arabica beans which are more expensive (with more complex flavours) than the vast majority of coffee produced in Italy, which is made from cheaper robusta beans.  Their cappuccinos and flat whites are silky smooth and many a local can be found at the bar taking a breather from their food shopping in the market.  There are tables and chairs both inside and outside.

Opening times:

7am to 7pm

Closest vap stop:


How to get there:

Crossing the Rialto Bridge from the San Marco side to the San Polo side (as if you were heading to the Rialto fruit and vegetable markets), stay to the outer left-hand side of the bridge. At the bottom, make a left and walk along the Grand Canal. Caffè del Doge is located on Calle dei Cinque, which is the third street on your right. When you make the right turn onto Calle dei Cinque, you immediately walk under an underpass and then you will be able to see the cafè’s tables outside just ahead on the right.


Calle dei Cinque,
San Polo, 609
30125 Venezia

Phone number:

+39 041 522 7787

Email address:

Use the Contact Form on their website.


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